Why Buy a Digital Trigger


Everyone who buys a firearm does so with the desire to be as effective with it as possible, in whatever application it was purchased for. The key element in the use of firearms, whether for recreation, competition, or personal defense, is accuracy. Quality of firearm is important but if you cannot hit what you are aiming at, the quality of the firearm is a moot point. For firearms, accuracy is defined as the ability to hit exactly what one is aiming at. Further, accuracy and precision, or the ability to hit the same place over and over again in a repeatable fashion, are the ultimate goals. The foundational element of accuracy and precision is the trigger. The dynamics of the trigger are some of the most important aspects since any movement of the firearm caused by pulling the trigger can affect the placement of the shot. There are three stages of a trigger pull.

  1. Take-up or pre-travel, which is the movement of the trigger which happens before the sear moves
  2. Break, the movement during which the trigger moves the sear to the point of release
  3. Over-travel, which is the distance a trigger moves after the sear releases

The take-up is the least critical stage of the trigger pull. Two-stage triggers, for example, consist of a noticeable take-up, followed by a distinct increase in the force required to pull the trigger, followed by the break. A single-stage trigger, on the other hand, has no discernible movement before the break.

The break is a far more critical stage of the pull, as it happens just prior to the shot being fired. The over-travel can be the most critical factor in the trigger pull, as any movement caused at this point will happen as the shot is fired. This is especially important with firearms where there is a sudden release of resistance when the sear breaks. The digital trigger solves the trigger dilemma. When switched from mechanical to digital mode the trigger pull changes to a digital pull of approximately 1 pound. In digital mode the take-up is minimal, there is NO mechanical break, preventing the "jerk" at the break point and eliminating over-travel. This enables the shooter to not only to improve their accuracy dramatically, but, also to increase the speed of accurate, precise shooting.

The pull and release mode further changes the game. This mode allows the shooter to fire a round on the trigger pull and a second round on the trigger release. This ability coupled with the digital trigger features provides a rapid fire, accurate, precise shooting experience like no other. Unlike existing binary trigger systems the Digital Trigger 1.2 programmatically limits the rate of fire preventing the shooter from outrunning the carrier. This programming eliminates the common malfunctions of existing binary trigger systems. With all the above being said there are some things in life that have to be experienced to be understood and the Digital Trigger System is certainly one of these.

Demonstration Shoots

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