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Approximately three years ago Toccoa Security and Consulting came alongside an up and coming firearms technology, the Digital Trigger System. At the time Digital Trigger Technologies was in the development stage of this revolutionary product. We believe this system is destined to change the firearm industry. Over the years we at Toccoa Consulting have watched this product develop and grow from a prototype to a fully patented product available for sale. In 2017 Toccoa Consulting launched our new subsidiary, Digital Trigger Direct, to begin to distribute Digital Trigger Systems. We are proud of our involvement with the Digital Trigger and are excited to bring this system to you via Digital Trigger Direct.

Toccoa Security and Consulting Inc has worked to provide a comprehensive solution to corporations, organizations, and individuals faced with the threat to physical property and individuals (including employees and visitors) as the result of active shooter events, and threats of violence commonly faced in society today. Our instructors have trained law enforcement, military units, and various corporate client employees including General Motors. We have provided training in a variety of business and private sectors in areas of personal and corporate security as well as providing personal defense seminars for the general public. Our multi-faceted approach includes in person Self Defense and Active Shooter training as well as online/video training. As a consulting company we work closely with companies within the security, law enforcement, and firearms arenas.

Jeff Lee COO & Angel Wells CEO
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